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05-12-19 - 704 Jackson Place, Washington, DC

“Citadel has used many rendering services over the years; to be able to work directly with Doug, architect to architect, made the process a wholly different experience. Our work in Washington DC, serving clients like the Department of State and presenting to the Commission of Fine Arts, is particularly demanding. Doug gave us the images to communicate effectively and convincingly.”

Lynn Scott Paden,  AIA | Principal  | Citadel DCA

03-12-18 - Addition to private residence.

"Doug's works is creative and personalized - and loaded with style! We haven't even executed project yet and I'm thrilled".

Kelly and Gini Woy - residential addition, Peach Bottom, Pa.

01-18-17 - 351 Mulberry Street, Lancaster, Pa. - re-purposing an existing city building

"Amos just brought home a copy of the plans that you have drawn up for our restaurant. We just wanted to tell you thank you. What an exceptional job! We relished a few moments just turning the pages and really envisioning how this will come to life. Amos and I are so glad that we chose you. Again, thank you for all of your work."... 

Amanda and Amos Kinert - Callaloo Restaurant, 351 North Mulberry Street, Lancaster, Pa.

08.16.16 - 2121 OREGON PIKE, SUITE 201  . office design

“Good afternoon Doug,  Dr. Lucas and I were just over at the new office with Dr. Walia and it looks beautiful.  I think the color scheme and brighter shades you chose are absolutely perfect for our practice. Thank you for working with us and we are certainly ecstatic about our new space” ... Kristy Lucas, Advanced Counseling and Testing Solutions LLC.

05-05-16 - The Press Room, Lancaster, Pa.

"Doug, all of us are so happy with the look and feel of the restaurant. It really is the perfect use and layout of the space, functionally and artistically. Thanks again." - Rob Commero, general manager of The Press Room Restaurant, Lancaster, Pa.

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